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AKC Nite Champion and Show Champion
PKC Champion

2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Performance Program Sire

I bought Hot Spot from Mr. Fred Moran after getting beat twice in hunts by him. I finished Spot to a Nite Champion the following hunt, then took him to Grand Nite in the winter of 2009-2010. Allie made Hot Spot a show champion at a youth YEP event here in PA. Spot's 2010 hunt wins were impressive and he is a consistent cast winner. Spot wins with good scores over 400+ and likes to be by himself at least twice during a two hour night hunt. He was 2010 World Hunt Qualified after winning a Regional Qualifier (not many redbones won a RQE in 2010). Finished tied for 5th Place in the 2011 Purina Race for Redbones while only hunting in 4 Purina Events. We have pups here out of spot that are doing well should be ready for the Nite Hunts in 2013. Spot will only be hunted in PKC events and UKC World Hunt if qualified.

Spot's Pedigree

                                                                             NITECH 'PR' Craft's Outlaw Jack
                                                                                     GRNITECH 'PR' Hardup Josey Wales
                                                                                                      'PR' Thomae's Little Ann
                                                                       'PR' Layne's Red Hot Wailer
                                                                                                      GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' Glisson's Outlaw Jesse James Jr.
                                                                                     'PR' Porters Red Pepper
                                                                                                      NITECH 'PR' Rusty Red Sis
                                                                                                     GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' Key's Outlaw Jesse James
                                                                                     GRNITECH GRCH Glisson's Outlaw Jesse James Jr.
                                                                                                     GRNITECHGRCH 'PR' Wright's Little Girl II
                                                                       'PR' Layne's Outlaw Little Miss
                                                                                                    GRNITECH 'PR' Hobo Jack
                                                                                    'PR' Sterkis's Little Red Sadie
                                                                                                     NITECH 'PR' Outlaw Belle Star

Enrolled in UKC DNA-VIP
PKC Champion

2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Performance Program Sire

Jet finished to Grand Nite with some impressive wins at some big events including 4th Place Nite Champion at the 2011 Winter Classic, 1st Place Nite Champion at National Redbone Days 2011 and High Scoring Male on Saturday at National Redbone Days. He is from one the greatest crosses in this breed. Out of the 9 pups, 7 are either Nite Ch. and Grand Nite Ch. 3 of these hounds from this cross are now dead. Jet is being hunted hard will be pushed in the biggest hunts this year including Grand American, Winter Classic, Amerian and National Redbone Days. Jet is a slobber mouth tree dog, every breath, and will take all the pressure in the world. Since becoming a Grand Nite Champion Jet has won High Scoring Male and Overall High Scoring Dog at the ALL RED Hunt at 2012 Southern National Redbone Days. He has been a Final Four dog twice at the 2012 PKC Mountaineer Classic. Jet pups are early starters and we have some here at the house that are gonna be nice hounds when finished. 2013 will be a special year for Jet as we have several great crosses planned with Grand Nite Females.

Jet's Pedigree

                                                                             Peel's Redman
                                                                                     CH GRNITECH Peel's Red Pepper
                                                                                                      Peel's Red Ann
                                                                       GR GRNITECH Stepp's Little Pepper
                                                                                                      'PR' Thomas' MO Bruiser
                                                                                     'PR' Whites Little Jill
                                                                                                      'PR' Geralds' Lady
                                                                                                     GRNITECH GRCH Amos' Burning Ben
                                                                                     GRNITECH CH Reeds Saline River Ratt
                                                                                                     'PR' Dawn's Timber Rose
                                                                       GRNITECH 'PR' Nighty Nite Moonlight Kate
                                                                                                    GR GRNITECH 'PR' Outlaw Billy The Kid
                                                                                    GRNITECH 'PR' Wapsi River Cookie
                                                                                                     'PR' Lamine River Outlaw Red Cheyenne


2010, 2011 Performance Program Sire

Zoom finished to Nite Ch. on January 22, 2010 at a hunt in Southeast Georgia. Zoom was handled to another first place win in the swamps of Georgia by Ryan Beasley. Ryan said it took some time for the dog to get used to hunting in water but he got the job done and won a hunt. I appreciate the effort put forth by Ryan and Andi Elburn in getting Zoom to Nite Ch. That makes 2 firsts and one second in three different states in three different terrain types. Zoom had a second in the Illinois farm belt, a first in the Somerset Co., PA mountains, and another first in the swamps of Southeast Georgia. Zoom is a true dual purpose hound and Fred Moran allways tells me that he is the best looking redbone he has seen in the last 40 years.

Zoom won the 2008 UKC Youth Nationals Best of Show male, finished to Grand Show champion and we are now going to be pushing him to Grand Nite Champion. His first litter of pups will be coming out of And Elburn's Salsa female who has won at Autumn Oaks. I like this dogs pedigree as he has several ties to well known redbone men from my area of Pennsylvania including Fred Morans Midnight Kennel and Larry Packe's Mahogany Kennel. Zoom also goes back to Rabble Rouser who is on the top of the reproducers list. This dog is a coondog, and there is nothing wrong with hunting a GOOD looking dog! Zoom is now Co-Owned by Ryan Beasley and is at Ryan's place in Jessup, GA. If you would like to breed to Zoom contact Ryan or myself. Zoom just won the 2010 Ultimate Youth Coonhound Challenge in Vidalia, GA. He also got another Nite Champion win on him after Ryan hunted him in another hunt in GA. Ryan should finish Zoom out this year to Grand Nite Champion as he now has 2 wins towards grand.

Zoom's Pedigree

                                                                             GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' T-Top Rabble Rouser
                                                                                     NITECH 'PR' Lambs Bayou Creek Red Topper
                                                                                                      GRCH 'PR' Chatham's Red Lightning Laura
                                                                       'PR' Devins Red Ace
                                                                                                      'PR' Tree Top Big Timber Scout
                                                                                     'PR' Hamlins Red Tammy
                                                                                                      'PR' Ed's Timberock Molly
                                                                                                     GRCH 'PR' Lost Timber Red Buzz
                                                                                     'PR' Brune's Bodacious McDaddy
                                                                                                     GRCH 'PR' Luckings Foxy Lady
                                                                       'PR' Bandiras Pretty Penni
                                                                                                    'PR' Richter's Osage Spike
                                                                                    'PR' Brune's Red Belle
                                                                                                     'PR' Richter's Osage Rosy

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